Never did I like liquid foundations. I tried it once and I hated it. After a few hours, my skin got so oily. I couldn’t last the entire day wearing it. It felt so heavy and sticky. Well, not until I was introduced to the face and body liquid foundation of Make Up For Ever. 🙂


I have read in some magazines that liquid foundation is not really advisable for oily skin, which is another reason why I stopped using mine. After my friend did my make up though for a casting call, I saw how her liquid foundation blended well with my skin. It gave me a flawless complexion, without the feeling of heaviness. As for my oiliness dilemma, it’s more of the work of the Smashbox Foundation Primer, which you can read in this post, that makes my face matte for long hours. With its help, I can now use liquid foundations. Yay! 🙂

Thankfuly I also found the liquid foundation that works best for my skin. 🙂 It’s Make Up For Ever face and body liquid foundation, as seen below.


It has an ultra lightweight formula, which is probably why I feel I don’t have any make-up on whenever I use this. It has seamless coverage, resulting to a flawless complexion. It gives the skin a uniform tone and leaves a satin finish. Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Foundation has a unique gel formula with more than 75% water, making in suitable for all skin types. It is very easy to apply, plus it is water-resistant! 🙂 To help in the application, I use a liquid foundation brush, which I will be sharing in this blog as well. 🙂

As for the price, this cost me PHP 2,150. Eeeek! Just imagine me buying the Cinema Secrets concealer, Smashbox Foundation Primer and this Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Foundation all in one day! Haaaay! Too much spending! 🙁 I haven’t even shared my purchases 2 days after at Forever 21, then another beauty tool a week after, then my unbelievable Bangkok shopping! As much as I don’t wanna spend anymore, I need to buy a phone soon as well because of that a** thief! I’ve been spending a lot these past few weeks and they still had to target me! Grrrr! Annoying people! I wanna be a billionaire! LOL! 🙂 Sorry for the rant. I’m just so pissed as I’ve been losing a lot of things lately- my BlackBerry, my shopping money in Bangkok, and now my jewelry! 🙁 Hate it! Anyway, I digress…

If you’re interested in trying out my recommended foundation, Make Up For Ever has branches here in the Philippines. Check out the 3rd Level of Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Bonifacio High Street. 🙂