I am shy. Yes, it is a bold statement but believe it or not, it is true. As a kid, I would always dread the first day of each school year since I knew I had to make new friends again. To make matters worse, I studied in a co-ed school which meant that there was added pressure on me to not only be sociable but also to be prim and proper. Growing up, I had to face a lot of situations wherein I had to break free from the stereotype mold of an introvert. All the challenges I faced helped me realize the importance of being always prepared for any social interaction.


Why is it important to prepare for such social interactions, anyway? First impressions last, no matter how cliché it might sound, it is true. You have to keep in mind that you always leave an impression to the other person, even if it is not your first time to meet. Also, what would you feel if the person you are talking to looks sloppy? I am sure it doesn’t sit well with you and because of this, you have probably judged that person even before talking to them. These are the main reasons why preparing is a must before interacting with anyone.

With my current work and lifestyle, I attend events, meetings, face clients, and go out with family and friends day in and day out. Today, I’m sharing my to do list before I step out of my house. Besides, I guess all of us interact with people almost everyday so I hope this would help.

  • Plan your outfit. Is it a day or a night meeting? Where is it going to be held? Is it a casual or a formal meet up? All these have to be considered. You can’t show up in a formal business meeting in sneakers nor can you show up wearing a gown in a sports event. If you have several events the whole day, go for a day to night look. Tip for the ladies: A LBD can save the day!


  • Makeup. If you love to wear makeup, keep it event-appropriate. For day makeup, a fresh look will always be a head turner. Save your smoky eye makeup and vampire red lipstick for your night out.


  • Hair. There’s really no strict rules when it comes to hairstyles. Usually, you just have to see what goes well with your outfit. If there’s one advice I should give, that is to never leave the house with wet hair!


  • Keep them white. Having a pearly white smile and fresh breath are a must when attending social gatherings. Who would want to talk to someone with bad breath anyway? Well, the solution is not as simple as brushing your teeth. Let’s get into details for better understanding.


First of all, what causes bad breath? One of the causes is caused by bacteria inside the mouth so it is important to brush your teeth at least three times a day. BUT it does not stop there. People often ignore the fact that brushing of teeth has two components – toothbrush and toothpaste. We often choose our toothpaste carefully, but most of the time, the choice of toothbrush is taken for granted. No matter how expensive your toothpaste is, it will not be effective if you have a sub-quality toothbrush.


Do you know that millions of bacteria thrive in the bristles of your toothbrush? But how would you know if your toothbrush is bacteria-free? You might just be transferring the bacteria from your toothbrush to your mouth. Remember, bacteria inside the bathroom is everywhere. In fact, even your toothbrush holder could accumulate molds and bacteria!

Recently, I got to try Colgate’s newest toothbrush, the Slim Soft Gold Charcoal. Personally, I like how this toothbrush is all-in-one. It has charcoal infused spiral bristles, which remove teeth surface stains when brushing. The tip bristles cleans in-between teeth, while being gentle on the gums – meaning no more bleeding gums for me due to harsh toothbrush. And what makes it unique is the gold-colored bristles that help protect the brush from bacteria. You can check it out during your next grocery visit to see what I’m talking about.


These are some of the things I do to arm myself whenever I have to break out of my introvert shell. Without these, I don’t know how I will survive. If you have any more tips to help prepare for such situations, please do share it with me by posting a comment below!

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