It has been 20 years since CK one was launched. Wow! I couldn’t believe it as well since it was once everybody’s fragrance in school then. I have to admit, it was one of my favorites too. I think I finished about 2-3 bottles of that! Who would have thought that CK fragrance will have a comeback? It’s called CK2, of course. It now targets the millennials that celebrates the life of today’s youth: bold, free, diverse, thrilling experiences are amplified by the connections between two people.

we come together void of stereotypes and free of conformity; a youthful connection between two people to celebrate the differences that make our connections richer and define what makes us, us.

the THRILL of life, the THRILL of youth, when we are #the2ofus.


CK2 #the2ofus: The Packaging

First, let’s talk about the packaging. It reinterprets minimalism and art by inviting you to look through the clear container and experience the scent before applying. An expression of ck2’s gender-free fragrance, the 2-part design unites male and female elements. A sleek rounded bulb of glass houses the juice and sits atop a solid square cap that also serves as a unit to maintain the bottle upside down. Both the bottle and cap go beyond the classic fragrance bottle to create two pieces perfectly in-sync and connected to each other, much like the connection of two people. The bottle is a pure, transparent and futuristic design that is cool and gender-free.


The outer packaging’s minimalist design displays every facet of the bottle held inside, while the ‘what you see is what you get’ approach highlights the authenticity and craftsmanship of the bottle and cap. Giving a not so subtle nod to today’s ever growing high tech realm, the carton stays true to the principles of minimalism that are essential to the brand’s DNA.


CK2 #the2ofus: The Scent

Fresh. Warm. Electric. This is how I would describe CK2. Top notes are wasabi, mandarin, and violet leaf absolute. At its heart is wet cobblestones, orris concentrate, and rose absolute. Then, it dries down to sandalwood, vetiver, and incense.

CK2 #the2ofus: Verdict

The scent is definitely both for men and women – and definitely the young. It’s not too masculine nor too feminine. It’s fresh and great for everyday use. The scent could last on me for more than 3 hours, but I would definitely have to spray again by late in the afternoon.

with my loves, Alyssa Lapid and Jackie Go, during the ck2 launch at SM Makati

The ck2 line will be available in the Philippines beginning MARCH 2016. Prices in the Philippines: 100ml PHP 4,298; 50ml PHP 3,198; 30ml PHP 2,498.

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