I can still remember when I was in grade school how much I loved going to department stores or groceries asking my mom to buy me a small bottle of cologne – all the time. I think it was my guilty pleasure when I was a kid. As I grew up, my taste became more mature. I learned to reach bottles of perfume more often. But it doesn’t mean I completely said goodbye to baby colognes. With our hot and humid weather here in the Philippines, I still prefer the light, watery, fresh feel of cologne especially when I’m all sweaty from outdoor activities.

Recently, Belo released colognes from its Belo Baby line. The Belo Baby Cologne comes in three scents: Happy Tickle, Cool Drizzle, and Sweet Snuggle.


Belo Baby Cologne Cool Drizzle is a fresh, classic fragrance.


Belo Baby Cologne Happy Tickle is a fruity scent to add sweetness to the skin.


Belo Baby Cologne Sweet Snuggle is a fruity floral scent that blooms throughout the day.


What I love about this Belo Baby Cologne collection is despite being part of the Belo Baby line, all scents suit BOTH babies and adults. Each cologne contains Glycerin and chamomile-derived ingredient, which moisturizes and soothes the skin. It’s also free of parabens, phthalates, EDTA, and coloring agents. Perfect for all skin types as it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologists-tested. Staying power is okay – of course, it’s not comparable to perfumes. For just PHP 79.75, you get a 100ml bottle – not bad at all! And did I mention that it doubles as a hand sanitizing solution?! That’s the best part since I love multi-purpose products!

My personal favorite is Belo Baby Cologne Cool Drizzle. Because I usually use cologne after or even during an outdoor activity, such as hiking, I prefer a fresh, relaxing fragrance. Cool Drizzle’s scent is spot on! It’s as if I got out of the shower despite being out under the sun. And since it works as a hand sanitizer too, I don’t have to bring a separate bottle of alcohol! When hiking, every item (no matter how small it is) counts – trust me. Glad I was introduced to Belo Baby Cologne!

How about you? Have you tried any of these colognes? Share your thoughts below!

By the way, Belo Baby colognes are still available at sampleroom.ph! Try for FREE, before you buy!

For more information, visit Belo Baby on Facebook or BeloBabyLove on Instagram.

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