If there’s one makeup product to make a look “complete”, what could it be? Well, this is definitely debatable and very subjective. To be honest, choosing just one product can be very difficult. If you ask me, I’d go for at least 3 makeup products: powder foundation, lip and cheek tint, and brow product. I can even attend an event with just these on my face. But of course, there are days (especially on weekends) when I try to avoid makeup – except one. What could be this one makeup product that I can’t live without?


Some would say lipstick. Others would go for a lip and cheek tint since it’s already a dual purpose product. If you asked me a few years ago, I probably answered concealer. I learned to love my skin and all its flaws now, so I can actually go out of the house with just sunblock and… a brow product! Why?

Here’s K-Palette’s newest Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil in 4 different shades. It’s a product with pencil, powder and a spoolie!


Well, I can moisturize my lips using a moisturizer. Yup, you can do that! Although a lipstick or a lip and cheek tint can add “flush” to your face, I just feel it’s not enough if you don’t have well-groomed brows. Of course, if you’re not so comfortable with your skin, foundation or concealer could save the day. But remember, giving your skin a break once in a while is also important. On these days, never ever leave the house without nice brows! Some might say, “WHAAAT?! I have nice brows!” Trust me! I don’t have bad-looking brows either. I have my brows groomed regularly. In fact, my brows are nicely shaped with thick hair strands, but they are semi-sparse. Applying a few strokes of brow pencil or powder or even just a brow mascara makes a lot of difference. It’s an instant “made-up look”! I’d say, “Iba talaga ‘pag kumpleto… ang brows!” Hehehe!


Whether it’s the brows, the way we look, the clothes we wear or anything else (or anyone!), it’s important to choose “the one” that makes us feel complete. In other words, you can say to that one person or one thing those three words, “You complete me.” In my case, I’m addressing that to my brow product! Nyahahaha! (Sorry, corny! LOL!) And in the same way, there’s this one promo of Smart that can complete our daily needs of call, text, and internet because of its complete package! Sounds redundant, but it can really “complete” us because it is COMPLETE. LOL! Why?

With ALLOUTSURF 30, Smart prepaid subscribers get 2 days of 300MB data with free access to Facebook, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30 minutes calls to Smart, TNT and Sun for just PHP 30! There’s no need to choose between call, text, and mobile data. You can have it all with ALLOUTSURF 30, the first promo offer to give subscribers what they want and need.

Smart brings together Eraserheads to go all out for this new, complete prepaid offer! OMG! Who doesn’t know Eraserheads?! I think everyone wishes for their comeback! The last time the Eraserheads performed together on one stage was in 2009. Recently, Smart was able to bring them back together for a special private performance. And now, they’re reunited in Smart’s video campaign!

Haaaay! #IbaTalagaPagKumpleto di ba, guys?!


For more information about #SmartAllOutSurf 30 and other promos, go to smart.com.ph/alloutsurf. To avail, text ALLOUT30 to 9999

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