Hair Fall. This, for me, is probably the scariest hair concern I’ve been through. And unlike hair damage, I think hair fall is not openly discussed. One would always have a feeling that it doesn’t happen to most of the ladies and there’s that fear that it might lead to hair loss soon. Agree? Well, the truth is, a lot of us experience hair fall. Let me share you my hair fall experience and how I deal with it now.


Two years ago, I had an extreme hair fall experience. Well, I call it “extreme” because after I shower, I always see the drain with a chunk of hair – sadly, everything’s mine! I even avoid combing my hair until it’s dry because whenever I brush my hair with a wide tooth comb or even just my fingers, I see A LOT of hair strands! I never really opened it up to anyone – even to my mom or my sister. To be honest, I felt quite embarrassed and most of all, scared that my hair might be thinning. All changed when I went to London with my family for vacation.


I’m the type who travels light. I never over-pack. For my personal and skin care, I like bringing sample sizes or sachets. For this particular trip though, my mom was assigned to just bring full-size shampoo and conditioner to be shared by everyone. I agreed because I know she has always been a Dove user. Fast forward to our first day in London and I panicked a bit the moment I entered the shower. I saw white and green bottles of Dove, instead of the usual white and blue! By the way, my hair is very picky when it comes to products, that’s why I’m scared to change my hair care all of a sudden. Well, the green bottles say “Dove Hair Fall Rescue”, which targets my hair concern at that time, and it’s Dove anyway, so I gave it try.

To my surprise, I didn’t see a chunk of hair in the drain – only very few strands! I tried to comb my hair after I showered and again, I didn’t have much hair fall! I couldn’t believe it was just because of the shampoo and conditioner at first. I was wondering, could it be the water in London? The composition of water matters, by the way! Some have too much chlorine in it. I couldn’t contain my happiness that I had to ask my mom about it. I can clearly remember what she said, “Huh? You don’t know that?! That variant really works when you have hair fall!” Then, my sister overheard our conversation and she blurted out, “Yes, that’s what I also use because I have excessive hair fall.” Apparently, the three of us had the same hair dilemma at that time and yes, Dove Hair Fall Rescue worked for us! After using Dove Hair Fall Rescue consistently, I saw the difference day by day. And by the end of our trip, I noticed a significant reduction of hair fall.


I’m so happy I finally found a solution to my hair fall problem! Thanks to my mom who introduced me to Dove Hair Fall Rescue! I’m definitely a believer because I honestly felt my hair got stronger and healthier, reducing my hair fall to more than half! I still rotate it with other Dove hair care variants, but Dove Hair Fall Rescue is my go-to whenever I start to experience hair fall! So next time you experience hair fall (or if you’re actually looking for a solution), you know what to do!


Dove Hair Fall Rescue variant has shampoo, conditioner, and tonic. It is available in leading groceries and department stores nationwide.

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