So after sharing my tips on how to get glowing skin, let’s talk more about glow! If you can’t make it, fake it! Haha! Bobbi Brown Skin Glow Collection got your back! Well, even if you have glowing skin, an added highlighter will definitely not hurt.


Bobbi Brown Skin Glow Collection

The Skin Glow Collection is an edited selection of illuminating and hydrating formulas for cheeks, lips and skin. Whether running from the gym to the office or from coffee to cocktails, the Cheek Glow Palette, Extra Lip Tint and Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm impart a fresh, healthy glow with just a few swipes. Mirror optional.


Bobbi Brown Skin Glow Collection: Cheek Glow Palette

PHP 2,850

As I’ve been saying repeatedly, healthy, glowing skin is really my go-to look. Now, it’s in a compact! This embossed white palette includes Bobbi’s iconic Pot Rouge—a creamy formula that gives cheeks a subtly flushed look—and new Cheek Glow Highlighter. This cream illuminator adds a hint of natural luminosity anywhere you swipe it.




There are 3 shades available. I have with me the Pink Opal/Homecoming Pink.


Here are the swatches:


Here’s how it looks on my cheeks:


How to get that glow? Using fingertips to apply, blend Pot Rouge onto the apples of the cheeks. Follow with a swipe of Cheek Glow Highlighter on top of the cheekbones, where sun naturally hits the face.

Bobbi Brown Skin Glow Collection: Extra Lip Tint

PHP 1,650

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint is probably my most used lip stain. It’s very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. You can read my full review of it here: Now, it’s available in 2 more shades – Bare Popsicle and Bare Melon—to enhance lips’ natural color. Upon application, the nourishing formula sinks into lips, leaving them softer and more supple over time.


Bobbi Brown Skin Glow Collection: Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

PHP 3,800

For those with dry skin, zoom in here! This skin-boosting moisturizer features light-reflective pearls that mimic the radiance of healthy, glowing skin and Lychee Extract to energize on contact. Apply as an illuminating moisturizer for an all-over glow, or pat over foundation for subtle highlights.

How to use: Apply on bare skin as a moisturizer or layered over makeup as a highlighter. Can also be used on neck, shoulders and décolleté.


“Getting fresh, glowing skin has never been easy.” – Bobbi Brown

Yup, I definitely agree!

Bobbi Brown Skin Glow Collection is available in all Bobbi Brown counters.

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