It is the last stretch of summer! I’m quite sure a lot of you are still heading out in the next few days to enjoy the sun, so I thought of sharing with you these two products which I’ve been trying out whenever I do outdoor activities.

Nope, it is not sunblock. I do not think I need to reiterate how important it is to apply sunblock before leaving the house – that means, not just when going to the beach. Here are two more products that must be in your beauty arsenal…


Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield

Not everyone knows that our hair and scalp also need protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Enriched with UV filters and Vitamin E, Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield protects hair from sun damage and provides deep nourishment from root to tip. It deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair while strengthening unwanted frizz and flyaway.


I tried it when I went to the beach too. I’m really not a fan of salty and tangled hair when I’m on a beach trip. My thick hair becomes a fur ball and de-tangling takes up so much time. To my surprise, this Belo Hair and Scalp Shield helped in keeping my hair soft and tangle-free even when I lounged by the beach all day! It kept my hair frizz-free too. Oh, and did I say my hair smelled so good from day to night?!


How to use? Spray a small amount on your hair, concentrating more on the tips. Run fingers through hair to distribute the product. Massage whatever is left on your fingers onto scalp. Remember to start with a small amount and layer if needed. You might end up with greasy hair when applied too much.

Belo Sun Expert After Sun Gel

After sun exposure, I like lathering Belo Sun Expert After Sun Gel. It relieves sun-stressed skin from UV radiation damage, restores natural skin moisture, and hydrates dry or rough skin. The immediate cool feeling can also soothe sunburn and inflammation with its nourishing formula that is infused with almond oil and skin vitamins. It is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and dermatologist-tested. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it doesn’t feel sticky so you can also apply it even after shower!

How to use? Gently apply on face or body immediately after sun exposure. Re-apply as needed anytime of the day.


I made a short video on how I use Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield and After Sun Gel. Watch it below!

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