“Thank You, I made it to 33.”


This was the first thought that popped into my head the very moment I opened my eyes yesterday. It was my birthday and I was really happy to celebrate another year of a very blessed existence.

After saying a prayer, I quickly got up from my bed and went on to prepare for a very busy day. It was my birthday, but that doesn’t mean that the world—or my work—is going to stop for me. Time has a very peculiar attitude of not waiting for anyone. And that’s what makes it so great.

Within an hour, I have already sent out several emails, replied to a couple dozen birthday greetings (thank you, everyone), and have coordinated and sorted out a lot of stuff that needed sorting. I was determined to accomplish as many things as I can to make time to celebrate later on in the day, which I did with family and a handful of friends.

Before I knew it, night time quickly came and I was heading back to my apartment, head full of happy thoughts. Before getting on bed, I took time to look at myself in the mirror. Very carefully, I observed the creases and lines on my face. They are there. And it’s okay. Nay, I think it’s wonderful that they are there.

Aging is a privilege that has been denied to too many. And the fact that I am here today, writing about my recent birthday, is something that should be celebrated.

I’ve always been asked this hypothetical question, ‘If ever you’re given a chance to go for a cosmetic face surgery or invasive treatment, would you do it?’

My answer always has been and always will be a firm ‘NO’.

The truth is aging can be a very scary word and there is NO way anybody on this planet can stop it. BUT we can delay it—without having to result to drastic measures.

There are a few things in beauty I live by. And these, I want to share with you all today.

First, invest on a really good skincare routine. Finding the right skincare can be a long process and you may have to result to trying a bunch of products that don’t work for you to find the ones that really do. But believe me, this is a process that is worth taking. You’re skincare routine today will serve as the basis for how you will look years from now, so it’s good to invest in a really good one.



Second, take time to get non-invasive treatments like RevLite, ReFirme 4D Laser Lift, Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, and even the most basic facials (all of these are available at Facial Care Center). Such services do their work, without making you look like someone stuffed chicken parts in your face. Some think that machine treatments do not really do anything as results are not as instant compared to invasive ones. Well, they may not be as instant, but facial treatments can help in aging gracefully. They may not completely remove wrinkles, but they help in letting these lines appear lighter and less deep. You still look like your normal self, just younger and fresher! If you want to learn more about these services (which, really, I can vouch for), read the quick Q&A I had with my Facial Care consultant below:


  • How old should one start with non-invasive treatments for anti-aging? There is no specific age. It depends on the needs of your skin and your lifestyle. If you’re always out in the sun, we can a recommend a little more intensive treatment. It all boils down to your current skin condition.
  • Should you wait for fine lines and wrinkles to show up before you start considering non-invasive treatments? No. The goal is to delay the signs of aging so you shouldn’t wait for wrinkles to appear.
  • If I start with an intensive treatment now, does that mean I need a more intensive treatment when I’m older? Is it progressive? No. If you’re doing a specific treatment now, it doesn’t mean it would lose its effect if you keep on doing it after a few years. It’s a maintenance. It all depends on your skin if you eventually need other treatments. Of course, we age and we can’t stop aging, therefore you may need a more intensive treatment eventually. As mentioned earlier, it all depends on your skin condition.
  • Is there a possibility that your face would look frozen or not normal through the use of machines? Never. Non-invasive treatments will not make the face look unnantural. These treatments are just like supplements or vitamins for your skin, which in effect delay aging.

Third, exercise—and do it regularly. Exercise does so much good for the body, including the skin. In fact, a daily 20-minute brisk walk is enough to increase your blood flow, helping nourish skin cells better. Just remember, if you’re exercising under the sun, make sure to wear the proper attire and pack on the sunscreen.



Lastly, be happy. At the end of the day, do not stress out about lines, wrinkles, or aging. Instead, embrace them as those are proof of your existence. Enjoy life. Force yourself to smile when you’re sad, laugh to your heart’s content, and take time to look away from your phone and appreciate the little things in life—the sunrise, the sunset, the rain, other people’s smiles. They will help you age better.


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