As much as we want to keep our skin young looking forever, the sad fact is that we cannot stop aging. As we grow older, the skin loses the ability to produce both collagen (a strong fibrous protein) and elastin protein, which keeps the skin elastic and young-looking. This results to more obvious lines or wrinkles. BUT the good news is, there are ways to delay it. With proper care of the skin and healthy lifestyle, we can age gracefully.


A lot of my friends and readers have been asking me about the facial treatments I have been doing. Well, of course, aside from my skincare routine, I do my regular facial and accompany it with a microdermabrasion treatment to remove dead skin cells and reveal newer and youthful skin.

Recently though, I realized I need to make my anti-aging game stronger than ever. Although my skincare basically revolves around anti-aging, I feel I need an “upgrade”. This is when I decided to try Facial Care’s RevLite, which you can read more in THIS LINK, and ReFirme.


What is ReFirme?

ReFirme is a skin tightening treatment that firms up the skin to reveal younger and more refined skin. It eliminates obvious marks of aging and skin flaws like fine lines, sagging, prominent pores, acne scars and uneven skin tone.


How does Facial Care’s ReFirme work?

Facial Care’s ReFirme uses the next generation technology of electro-optical synergy (elos), a unique, safe and most accurate combination of low-energy broad spectrum light and radio frequency. The power of light and radio frequency combination heats the skin’s deeper layer (which other machines cannot penetrate), warming the tissues beneath and enabling the collagen and elastin to contract. When this happens, the contraction results to more rapid production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for an overall improvement in skin elasticity and tone. ReFirme only treats the necessary area of the skin and leaves the surrounding healthy skin untouched.

What results to expect from ReFirme?

ReFirme, as its name suggests, firms up and tightens the skin. It treats the following skin conditions:

  • Skin laxity and sagging in the face, neck (turkey-neck look) and other body areas such as the abdomen or upper arms are tightened.
  • Skin texture as smoothed out by the firming effect of the treatment.
  • Loss of skin elasticity is revived in the treated areas of the face and body.
  • Large pores are made tighter and less prominent.
  • Reduction of aging signs: facial fine lines, undereye bagginess and sags, marked nasolabial folds or laugh lines.
  • Eye brows can be arched up.
  • Dull skin tone becomes lighter and more supple.

My Current Skin Condition

I would like to think I have successfully passed the “acne stage”. I already have clear skin with occasional breakouts due to stress or hormonal change. I also have minimal belmishes due to past pimples. Wrinkles start to form around the eye area and nasolabial folds are becoming deeper– blame that to my forever smiling face and to my sleeping position (I’m a side sleeper)!

ReFirme Procedure and Personal Experience

First, a pair of protective goggles was placed on my eye area and a cold gel was applied on my face. Then, the handheld device was massaged on my face, concentrating on areas where creases are more prominent.


How does it feel? Think of LaserLight or RevLite. It is similar but even less painful. For me, it is actually painless. There were times I felt the slight heat emitting from the device, but it easily disappeared because of the cold gel. It was not bothersome or uncomfortable.

After the treatment, which lasted for less than an hour, this is me without any trace of redness. There is no downtime that you can even do it during lunch break and go back to the office right away.


To be honest, I did not expect immediate results. As per the dermatologist, dramatic skin tightening may be observed after the fifth treatment of ReFirme. But to my surprise, look at this photo…


My therapist did the right side of my face first. Notice how lifted the right side is compared to the left side of my face. Plus the nasolabial fold on my right is lighter compared to the left. Amazing!

I really liked how immediate the results are, which is why I call it “instant facelift” without going under the knife. I think I would want ReFirme part of my monthly skincare treatments.

If you are also looking into stepping up your anti-aging skin care, you can visit any Facial Care Centre branch and ask about ReFirme. For more details, you can also visit

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