I have been getting a lot of messages since I posted this dress on my Instagram (@lush_angel). I wore this dress in a wedding of a good friend. And since it is prom and grad ball season once again, I thought this could be a nice outfit idea as well. Let me share the details of this dress and some ideas if you are attending a formal event soon.


I met Diana (Instagram: @dianacoutureph), the designer of this dress, through a common friend. I always want to try different local fashion designers whenever I go for custom-made dresses. Let’s support local designers, shall we?

When I met her, I have nothing in mind. I’m just a wedding guest anyway so I wanted something simple — but not so simple. Yes, I could not make up my mind. LOL! My only request is the neckline – close-fitting round neckline with exposed shoulders and arms.


So instead of going for a simple long dress, Diana layered a lace fabric. This is a good option if you do not like any beadwork. It looks very elegant, at the same time, not the entourage-kind of dress. You know what I mean? There are dresses that look like they were made for wedding entourage.


This is my first-ever mermaid dress since I always opt for an A-line skirt. If you like figure-hugging dress, choose a mermaid skirt. Even girls with small hips would look like they have hips! But if you want to feel comfortable throughout the event, A-line is still the best option, in my opinion.


When going for a mermaid dress though, make sure you have a very good couturier since the fit is very important. No matter how beautiful the design is, it would not look good if the fit is off. Also to feel more comfortable, opt for a stretchy fabric for this kind of style.



I normally go for thin sexy heels when attending formal events. But in case you haven’t noticed, block heels are becoming more popular even for formal occasions. The tita in me is sooo happy! Block heels are definitely more comfortable. In fact, I can wear this pair all day! Yay!

As for the accessories, I made everything else simple. I just used a nice pair of earrings and a watch. I did not go for anything flashy to let the dress standout on its own.

For my makeup, you can see the details and my tutorial in my previous post in THIS LINK.


So, what do you think of this dress? Let me know!


Dress: Diana Couture (Instagram: @dianacoutureph)
Shoes: Matthews
Bag: Bottega Veneta

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