Back to back beach trips are expected to happen this summer season. Yes??? As for me, I started quite early since I have several summer plans with my family. I might not have enough time to enjoy the sun, sand and sea when I get back so now I’m on my third beach trip this March. Ahhh… the island girl in me is sooo happy!!! Anyway, before I left for Siargao, I tried out Strip’s Lemon Wax.


Girls, let’s all be hair-free when wearing our swimsuits, please? In fact, it is not just about looking good, it is more for hygiene. So if waxing is your hair removal method, do it once a month or every two months.

If you are not so familiar with Strip, cleanliness and hygiene are very important to them. As a guarantee, each client is given a sealed wax kit which contains wipe, spatula, a pair of disposable gloves, cotton pads, and cotton bud.


You’ll even see this sign inside their waxing room.


As for their waxes, Strip has several flavors to choose from. The classic ones are Chocolate and Strawberry. My favorite is Chocolate until I tried this relatively new wax, Lemon.


What I love most about lemon is that it has skin-lightening benefit — though not noticeable in my first try. My skin was less red after the wax though, which I like. I think the lightening of the skin would be more obvious after several sessions, just like how lemon works. In case you do not know, the citric acid in lemon has natural lightening components, but the process takes quite some time. The only downside of this lemon wax is that it is a limited edition flavor. I really hope they can make it permanent.


So try it out soon before it is completely gone! If by chance it is not available, you can also try their newest Rose wax.

Yup, I’m always happy when I’m hair-free! LOL!


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