Calling all beauty enthusiasts! There is a new skin care brand in town– Fresh Skinlab.


What is Fresh Skinlab?

Fresh Skinlab promises quality products, yet keeping them affordable for everyone. The products are made in Korea and are currently available in Watsons.

Let me give you a rundown of the Fresh Skinlab products and my initial review of those that I’ve already tried.

Fresh Skinlab: 1 Minute Solution


1 Minute Solution is your instant solution to common beauty problems. It comes in 4 variants specific to your skin care needs: Lifting Eye Gel, Acne Care Lotion, Pore Reducing Cream, and Lightening Gel.

1 Minute Solution Lifting Eye Gel

PHP 179

The Lifting Eye Gel has active ingredients enriched with wheat proteins to smoothen fine lines around the contour of the eye and Hyaluronic acid to give the skin resilience for a smoother and younger appearance.


It comes in a tube that can easily dispense the right amount of product. I just squeeze a small amount on my ring finger and lightly dab around my eye area. It has a clear gel texture that’s absorbed by the skin in a matter of seconds. It feels super light, perfect to use even under makeup.

1 Minute Solution Acne Care Lotion

PHP 179

The Acne Care Lotion is enriched with tea tree essential oil that helps purify and regenerate skin and is ideal for blemish-prone skin.

Since it comes in a doe foot applicator, I make sure not to use it directly on the pimple for sanitation purposes. I use my finger to apply the solution instead. I just dab this over problem areas three times a day or more, if required. I used this on a pimple that was just about to form and it was gone in two days! It didn’t work on my cystic pimple and zit that has already surfaced though.


1 Minute Solution Pore Reducing Cream

PHP 179

Composed of pineapple, passion fruit and raisin extract, this cream promises to refine and smoothe the feeling of the skin. It also says that it absorbs excess oil with mattifying effect.

It comes in a similar packaging as the Lifting Eye Gel so if you have both, make sure to read the name at the back of the tube. It has light fruity scent, not bothering except if you’re sensitve to scented skin care products. It’s not really mattifying for me and it’s a little sticky upon application. The cream takes a while to settle. I also don’t see visible difference on my pores.


1 Minute Solution Lightening Gel

PHP 179

The Lightening Gel contains licorice to lighten age spots. It promises visible results in 3 weeks.


I just started trying this on my scar so I don’t see any difference yet. But in terms of formula, it looks like oil from the container, but it’s actually gel that’s more on the watery side so it’s easily absorbed by the skin. It smells good too! I wish it doesn’t have a roll-on applicator though for sanitation purposes.


Fresh Skinlab: Face Mist

PHP 199.75

The Face Mist comes in 2 variants: Aloe Vera and Collagen. Both provide instant hydration and soothing relief without the greasy feel. They are also paraben free, benzophene free, and mineral free.

I honestly don’t see or feel much difference between the two. I love the refreshing scent of Aloe Vera and I feel it has more cooling effect than the Collagen. On the other hand, since the name is ‘Collagen’, I like that it helps the skin from aging. Therefore, I can just use these two on rotation. Oh, and I also like how my skin doesn’t feel sticky once the mist sets.


Fresh Skinlab: Oil Blotting Paper

PHP 99

This oil blotting paper is infused with active bamboo charcoal, which removes excess oil and bacteria from the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types.

I super love that it comes with a sleek dispenser and I can now control the size of blotting paper I need. Initially, I was worried it would be like Fenty’s blotting paper dispenser, which is quite a struggle not to ruin the paper when cutting. I didn’t experience any problems with this. The edge is not too sharp as well so you don’t have to worry that you’ll accidentally cut yourself while getting it inside your bag. Oh, and you can buy a refill separately too! I’m just not sure with the price.


Overall, I find Fresh Skinlab promising, considering the quality and price of their products.

So, what do you think? Are you willing to try?

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