Hello there! I’m still alive! Wow, that was some kind of rest for me/us. I’m sorry for being on hiatus but the past two weeks were pretty packed. I had to do last minute Christmas shopping and attend back to back Christmas get-togethers/ reunions. It was fun and at the same time, stressful. Well, in our family, this season only ends after Chinese New Year, but at least it won’t be as busy as the past few weeks. Hehe!

Anyway, how did you celebrate Christmas and New Year? Any New Year’s resolutions?

2018 was pretty good to me. Looking back, there were a lot of things to be thankful for. As I was posting throwback photos in my Instagram (@lush_angel), there’s one that really stood out and made a huge impact in my life– and that is my Holy Land experience. I wasn’t able to share this here in the blog, but after writing a lengthy caption as I ended 2018 with my Israel photos on Instagram, I realized I have to share that trip here. It’s more than just the sceneries. It’s not even just for the sake of traveling. It’s something I’d recommend you would do at least once in your life. Anyway, I’ll work on that post, I promise.

And speaking of posts, I know I wasn’t as consistent in updating my blog last 2018. I used to post something new everyday for the past years. 2018 was different because life happened. Haha! But really, I felt so bad that I kind of neglected my blog. And so this year, 2019, I’ll try to get back on track!

Well, I guess that’s it for now! I just want a dedicated post to bid goodbye to 2018 and to welcome 2019. Before I end this, here is a reminder for a better year ahead:

“Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything. There is always something to be grateful for.”

Happy New Year!