Citibank’s Free Movie Passes Promo Is Ending?!

Don’t you just love free movie tickets? I, for one, have enjoyed Citibank’s Free Movie Tickets promo. I’ve been in and out the movie theaters without paying a single centavo. Well, except for the snacks I bring inside. Hehehe! 🙂 For more than a year now, I have enjoyed watching movies for free. Name it. I’ve seen it. From the lousiest to the blockbusters, I was there.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. 🙁 Citibank’s Free Movie Tickets promo is about to sail away. Yes, you read it right. The last transaction date for this promo is on March 15, 2011, but you may still redeem movie passes from qualified charge slips from January 1 to March 15, 2011 within 30 days from transaction date. On a brighter note, more reasons to shop till March, don’t you think? LOL! 😀


Lush Angel 🙂

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  • LGC

    oh, noooo! so sad! hope they bring back the promo 🙂

  • Lush Angel

    i know right! 🙁

  • freemoviepasses

    i don’t wanna pay for movies anymore..ugh, i have to carefully select movies from now on..

  • Lush Angel

    i know! 🙁 same here! 🙁

  • Marla

    Beware trying to redeem at Rockwell’s Powerplant cinema! The Citibank letter says that we have 30 days to claim from the date of our credit slips (up to March 15, 2011) only.. but Rockwell does not honor this. Today, I was told by the lady at the ticket counter when I tried to use my valid credit slips that were still within the 30 day period that Rockwell only allowed redemption up to March 24, 2011. Quite disappointing since none of the Citibank Movie Promo ads or even the letter informing Citibank clients of the end of the promo mention that a particular cinema has their own terms. False advertising! How unfair and disappointing. Had I known Rockwell had their own thing going on, I would have planned to watch at another cinema.

  • Lush Angel

    Hi maria! thanks for the info! all cinemas should go by the rules of Citibank since it’s actually their promo. it’s unfair for the cardholders. 🙁

  • Marla

    As far as I know, when the movie promo first started, Rockwell was the only mall that didn’t participate. Baka napilitan lang sila to join the Citibank promo and then asked for different terms? Still, I agree with you that all cinemas should follow Citibank’s rules.