Shiseido Ibuki Oxygen Lounge Experience

Since I’m on a Shiseido Ibuki high, as seen in my previous post, let me share with you my Shiseido Ibuki Oxygen Bar experience. As part of Shiseido Ibuki Skincare line launch, Shiseido Philippines also made Oxygen Bar pop-up stores to let people try the newest Ibuki line through a facial treatment.

I, together with fellow bloggers, had a luxurious afternoon. We first rode the black limo, while we enjoyed the treats inside and of course, taking photos. LOL!

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Here I am with Tara…

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After a few minutes, we were surprised to get off just across the street where we actually started. LOL! Apparently, we were just going around Fort Bonifacio as we enjoyed our limo ride. Haha! We were directed to the Oxygen Lounge for a quick pampering session.

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We were all treated to a facial treatment, which started off by removing our makeup, of course. Then, Shiseido Ibuki facial cleanser was used to thoroughly remove dirt and oil. The foam of the cleanser already felt so luxurious! Haha! Oh, and did I mention about Shiseido Ibuki’s scent? It’s just so divine that I feel so relaxed whenever I use it.

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After cleansing, my therapist gave me a quick facial massage. She also used the Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate and Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Enriched.

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We were also given a quick makeover after the facial treatment. Since I wanted to enjoy my glowing and soft skin right after the treatment, I just opted for a very light makeup. My makeup artists just applied my fave Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, blush, and lipstick.

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I’d like to thank Shiseido Philippines for such a wonderful and luxurious afternoon! You too can experience Shiseido Ibuki Oxygen Lounge in Alabang Town Center until October 20, 2013. icon biggrin Shiseido Ibuki Oxygen Lounge Experience

To know more about Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Line and what makes it different from other skincare, read my previous post about it HERE.

I’m also inviting all of you to upload your own beauty bio and show your “ready-for-anything-skin” in SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES Facebook Page.

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  • anne0822

    I tried it too naman sa Trinoma,and it’s so bongga! After the facial, my skin looks refreshed and bright, kahit haggard ako that day, hindi halata! They gave me a makeover too, so mas lalong bongga yung experience. hihi.. and yes, the Ibuki line is good talaga, I’ve tried it for a few days (got a sample set from SR), and just for a few days, you can already see and feel the difference on your skin.

  • Issachavez

    i hope i could also try this skin care line sometime…. you looks so pretty Miss Angela! fresh na fresh :)

  • lushangel

    bongga talaga! :) ) skin looks so fresh in an instant!

  • lushangel

    thanks issa! go try it! :)

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