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Hi everyone! I’m back from my almost 2-week vacation! If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen quite a bunch of photos from me. Sorry for flooding! Haha!

Anyway, on a serious note before I share about the Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop… If you all noticed, I have scheduled posts while I was away, except for one day (November 24). I was supposed to share this Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop on that day, but I decided to reschedule right away when I received this surprising news. I wanted to write this short note for a very dear and talented friend before posting. While I was on vacation, I got this really bad news. My heart broke when I learned Noel Subade, Bobbi Brown’s resident trainer, passed away. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for quite some time, you’ve probably seen photos of him in some workshops I’ve attended. All of his friends and people whom he has worked with was saddened by the news. It was so sudden. All of us were so surprised. I had to reread the messages sent to me because of disbelief. I’ve met him a couple of times and one of those was during this Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop. He’s such a jolly person and the participants during this workshop could attest to that. He never failed to put smile on our faces, even while training. He may be gone for now, but the joy, knowledge and memories he has shared will always remain in our minds and hearts. I’m just glad Noel’s now free from pain and he’s now in the arms of our Creator. Thank you Noel! You will always be remembered.

As part of’s 5th year anniversary, I teamed up with Bobbi Brown Philippines for the Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop. If you’ve been following my blog for the past weeks, I held a contest for my dear readers for this makeup workshop. Here are some photos during that fun afternoon.

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The workshop was held in a training room inside the Bobbi Brown SM Megamall boutique. It was indeed an intimate afternoon of beauty.

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Bobbi Brown resident trainer, Noel Subade, conducted the workshop and demonstrated day and night looks. It was like a makeup 101 for everyone. He gave a lot of tips on how to apply makeup the Bobbi Brown way.

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Here’s the fresh, day look…

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And with the same makeup, but with more intense eyes, here’s the night look…

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At the end of the workshop, Bobbi Brown Philippines was so generous to give away 3 Bobbi To Go sets! Yay!

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Of course, we made sure everyone didn’t go empty-handed. Aside from the makeup tricks they learned, they all went home with yummy cupcake, deluxe samples, and makeup lesson treat.

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All of these wouldn’t be possible without the powerful Bobbi Brown Philippines team. Thank you, thank you very much! You guys made this day very special! icon biggrin Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop

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Of course, this makeup workshop wouldn’t be a success with you, my dear readers and friends! icon biggrin Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop It was great to meet you all! Hoping you all enjoyed as much as I did! Again, thank you! icon biggrin Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop

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Once again, I’d like to thank Noel. This was probably one of the last few workshops he did while he was still with us. Thank you and I’m so glad to have met such a nice person like you. ‘Til we see each other again, my dear friend!

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Keep on following Bobbi Brown Philippines Facebook page ( Who knows, they might have another makeup workshop again! icon wink Bobbi Brown x Makeup Workshop

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  • Vienna Santos

    Wow! At last! :) ) Thank you for this awesome awesome workshop!!! Love Bobbi Brown Cosmetics! <3

  • Issachavez

    awww, so sad to hear about your friend…condolence Miss Angela! This makeup workshop looks a lot of fun! :)

  • Ana Patricia Librando-Paloma

    Hi! I am one of the attendees of this workshop. Still shocked about the news.. Sir Noel is very talented. I am so lucky I was able to meet him. Thanks Ms. Angela for this opportunity! :)

  • anne0822

    Was also one of the attendees of this workshop and Noel is really good! Was really shocked when I learned about the news, up to now I still can’t believe it. He was one of the funniest and nicest makeup i’ve met..

  • Abigail Chan

    So sad to hear about Sir Noel.. He’s a great makeup artist! So lucky to have met him and I got tips from him after the workshop. He was so nice and very approachable. Thanks Ms. Angel for picking me as one of the attendees! :)

  • Nikki

    So sad no? :( hay, anyways…congrats on your successful event! I’m sure Noel is happy with the Lord up there, he’s such a nice guy!

  • lushangel

    Thanks Nikki! Yes, super sad! :( Although we weren’t able to spend a lot of time with him, he still has touched our lives. Super nice guy!

  • lushangel

    Thanks too for being there! We’re all so lucky to have met him! We’ll all miss him for sure!

  • lushangel

    Unbelievable and surprising :(

  • lushangel

    Thanks too Ana for being there. So sad he’s gone :( We’re all very lucky he spent some time with us.

  • lushangel

    Hi Issa. Yes, it was and it wouldn’t be possible without Noel. :(

  • lushangel

    Sorry, it took me a while to post. I’ve also been busy and when I was about to post this, I heard the bad news. :( Noel is really a good makeup artist. He’s really a great lost. :(

  • prettyfirefly23

    Why did he died? :( he is such a good makeup artist.. Through him i learned new makeup techniques that no other vlogger/blogger know or maybe forgot to blog. His funny way of teaching us made me love bobbi brown even more.. We’ll definitely miss him..

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