I’m A SunWarrior. Are You? + Color Manila Run Race Kit Giveaway

If I could only live by the beach, I would. That’s how much I love the sand, the sea, and the sun. And lately, I learned to love the outdoors even more through hiking. My 16 years old self would probably be thinking I’m crazy. I used to be scared of the sun. What just happened?! Well, it’s probably the side of…

A Spotlight on the #ModernFilipina

As we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, we constantly try to find ways of going beyond beautiful, and transforming ourselves for the better to become the woman we aspire to be. Gone are the days of the Maria Claras, as women are slowly climbing up the ranks and embracing bigger and better roles for themselves. Today, the Modern Filipina…

Bloggers United 10 Free Passes Winners

Sunday is the day! Don’t forget to drop by Bloggers United 10. Let’s all have fun! For more details, check out: Bloggers United 10 + FREE Passes Giveaway.

Bloggers United 9 Free Passes Winners

Tomorrow is the day! Clearing up my closet as I write (time to multitask). Don’t forget Bloggers United tomorrow at Whitespace! Details in this post: Bloggers United 9 #BU9xSmart.

Superdry Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all those who joined my Superdry giveaway. To see the latest collection of Superdry and my outfit post, you can check it out in THIS LINK.

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