If I could only live by the beach, I would. That’s how much I love the sand, the sea, and the sun. And lately, I learned to love the outdoors even more through hiking. My 16 years old self would probably be thinking I’m crazy. I used to be scared of the sun. What just happened?! Well, it’s probably the side of Angela who wants to live life to the fullest. So yes, I’m now a SunWarrior – someone who is bold, brave, and protected under the sun.


And here are my fellow SunWarriors…


with Marj Sia and Janeena Chan

Recently, Watsons held an event at The Palace Pool to let the SunWarriors have fun under the sun.




They also presented the introduced their newest ambassadors Yassi Pressman and Dominique Roque in an exciting reveal.


“A SunWarrior, to me, is someone who is unafraid to go under the sun, enjoy the outdoors, and just have fun,” said resident SunWarrior Yassi Pressman.

“For me, a SunWarrior is someone who is not afraid to try out new adventures with friends, and family, and someone who is just game for everything,” adds resident SunWarrior Dominique Roque.

Some might wonder, for someone who takes care of the skin, how come I love the sun so much? As we all know, sun is the worst enemy of the skin as it causes premature ageing. This is why I would always tell my friends who hate layering skincare products to at least apply sunscreen. It’s the best anti-ageing product one can use for the skin.

Same goes with the rest of the body. As long as I have sunblock to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, I’m not afraid to enjoy the outdoors. But remember, a lot of sunblock’s active ingredients can break down over time, so reapplication is also a must throughout the day. Watsons wants to instill in us this habit of applying sunblock before we step out of our doors – whether you’re the sporty gal, the beach bum, or just the common commuter.

Watsons has the widest range of sunscreen lines suit to every sun care need – whether for everyday use or for active day out. It’s a one-stop shop for sun protection.

watsons-sunblocksYou can start summer early and unite with your fellow SunWarriors in Watsons SunWarrior Challenge on March 6, 2016 in SM Mall of Asia Grounds. In partnership with Color Manila, Watsons once again brings the most colorful and vibrant fun run with exciting obstacles and a party rolled into one. Run 3k, 5k or 10k at P950 Registration fee which includes a singlet, head wear, sunglasses, finisher’s medal, color packet and a whole lot more. Visit www.colormanilarun.com to register.

Color Manila Run x Sunwarrior Challenge

But wait!!! There’s more!!! (hahaha) I’m giving away 2 race kits (includes singlet, head wear, sunglasses, finisher’s medal, color packet and a whole lot more) and SPF loot bag! How?

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