Never thought TicketWorld would release details on the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert this soon. Such a big disappointment! The most awaited event will happen at the Fort open field… standing only! And on a Sunday! But why the hell should I complain right?! It’s still a back to back concert from the hottest artists around the world! I think I should still be thankful… Oh by the way, TicketWorld has an early bird promo. Ticket prices are discounted until October 31. So if I were you, I will rush to the nearest TicketWorld outlet now! More than the savings, tickets will probably be sold out in just a matter of weeks so I really have to take time to grab those tickets after office TODAY! 🙂 To know more about the ticket prices of the biggest concert of the year, just click on the picture below.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Ticket Prices