Wearing sunglasses are more than just protection for your gorgeous eyes. It is a fashion accessory that you can wear to hide those sleepy, tired eyes, or simply to glam up your entire outfit. Aside from collecting handbags, I actually have a collection of sunglasses too- from a number of designer brands like Dior, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Coach and Kenneth Cole to more affordable ones such as Mango, Nine West and Debenhams. And this does not stop me still from acquiring more of those oversized shades. My next targets? Gucci, D&G and Chanel. 🙂

I was supposed to buy this Gucci shades whenGucci Sunglasses I was in the States last summer. It was on sale and it was only freakin’ $100 ++!!! Six months have passed and I still regret it!!! Argh! Lesson learned: “If you see something you really like, buy it right away! If it is on sale, do not ever think twice!” Oh, I just feel so stupid letting that pass. I swear it still haunts me!!! So as I browse through the Gucci eyewear, partly hoping they are on sale (LOL!), I selected my top picks, as seen on the right. They range from $255-$495. Not bad for really hot glasses! I especially love the white and the red since those are the colors I lack. 🙂