Yes, sunglasses are hot but it isn’t hot if it doesn’t complement you! You should not simply choose what style or color looks gorgeous. Remember, you will be wearing it so it has to fit well on you. And what do I mean? You should consider the shape of your face when selecting the right sunglasses for you. I know you may have heard this so many times, but do you actually follow it??? It is practically easy. Get the tips below to flaunt on your best features and be as dazzling as the celebrities.

Before anything else, determine the shape of your face. You can take a picture of yourself then mark your prominent facial features like the sides of your jaw, the edges of your eyebrows, and your cheek bones. Then connect the dots to visually see the shape of your face. You can then check on the guide below to know what shape of sunglasses suits you.


Round: Faces that look full, meaning no obvious cheek bones or jaw line, are considered round. And if you have a round face, your goal is to lengthen your face and make it look thinner. Round frames are a no-no! Square or rectangular frames will look better on you. Also, dark colored frames help in making faces appear slim.


Square: People with big jaws, wide chin, cheekbones and forehead are considered to have square faces. If you are one of them, choose narrow styles or frames with oval or round shapes. Such styles help in lengthening the appearance of your face.


Diamond: If you have high cheekbones, small forehead, narrow jaw and eyes, then you have a diamond face. Round, square or straight frames best suits your face as they do the job of widening the appearance of your forehead, at the same time not emphasizing your cheekbones.


Heart or Inverted Triangle: You have a heart or inverted triangle face if you have long and narrow chin and wide forehead. Your aim is for the other parts of your face to look wider. The best choice of sunglasses is those with frames that rest low on your cheeks. Do not be afraid to play with colors as well since it helps in attracting attention on the upper part of your face.


Triangle: Faces with narrow top, wide cheeks and chin have triangular face. If you have this face structure, it is best to avoid colorful frames since it can just make your face look wider. Look for frames that can play down the width of your face.


Oval: If you have high cheekbones and chin that is narrower than your forehead, then you are one of those who have oval face. This is the most common face structure and most flexible among other face shapes when it comes to sunglass frames. Since most styles suits oval faces, choose frames that match the shape of your eyebrows.


Do not be afraid to try on different shapes and colors. Just remember to select glasses that will suit the shape of your face and your fashion sense. Try and try until you find that lush-cious sunglasses for you! 🙂