It’s really sad how society dictates what a perfect body is. Thankfully, the modern women are already challenging the standards for the perfect body type. In support of this, SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of fashion for women of every size, every age and every style.

SM Woman Fashion

This year, we are encouraged to: be fearless, be daring, be SM Woman. It’s a campaign that encourages all women to love their bodies and be confident in their own skin.

Plus size model and life coach, Kimi Lu, emphasizes on the power of this message by saying, “It could be life changing to feel accepted as it promotes equality for each person.” And just like that, SM Woman breaks down the limitations of body standards.

SM Woman Casual

SM Woman has the perfect pieces for the fashionista without breaking the bank. Whenever I’m looking for a particular clothing, whether it be trendy or classic, SM Woman is always part of my shopping trip. They practically have everything at very reasonable prices – starting at PHP 799.

SM Woman GTW

Who said plus women need to hide in black all the time? SM Woman Plus has trendy pieces in bold hues. There are also forgiving cuts to flatter every plus-sized body type. Choose from flirty dresses, chic career gear and denim and knit classics with sizes ranging up to 5L.

SM Woman Plus

SM Woman Prima offers polished looking pieces for those with sophisticated taste.

For work or office wear, you can choose fashionable ensembles at SM Woman Career.

As seen in the videos above, looking great can be easy and inexpensive with SM Woman. With the wide variety of options, there is always something for every woman, fitting to complement a variety of body shapes and to enhance the Filipina’s skin tones.

I guess I’m rushing to SM Woman ASAP! I already saw some pieces I like shown in the videos. Hehe! 😀

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