It was surely a tiring weekend for me. For three straight nights, I slept for only four hours at the most because of the bazaars we joined. But of course, I wasn’t there just to man our booth. Temptation to shop is all around us! And here is one of my loots- a cuff boot flat sandals.


Honestly, I never thought I’d buy one of these. I initially found it really odd when I first saw it worn by celebrities. Imagine- sandals that look like booties. But when I tried it on, ooohhh it’s sooo comfy! I love wearing boots but I just can’t wear them here in Manila all the time because of the hot and humid weather. Sandals are more like it here. And when I saw one of the stalls selling these booties that look like sandals or probably sandals that resemble ankle boots, I immediately asked the sales lady for my size. And when I put them on, they totally fit my dress! No questions asked I just had to buy these cuff boot flat sandals. LOL! I love it especially when worn with shorts or short dresses. 🙂 Oh by the way, I actually ordered another pair of shoes… I am just hoping it is still available in their warehouse. *I’m keeping my fingers cross* I will keep you guys posted if I get hold of them soon.