Missing those days you were part of the cheerleading team of your school? Or are you an aspiring cheerleader? Be a cheerleader now with this Wii Hip Street Cheer Pom Poms! Yes, you read it right!!! Isn’t it cool? I’m thinking of getting one at Amazon for only $19.99! Hehehe!

wii hip street cheer pom poms

Of course, you will need the Wii Cheerleading video games for your Nintendo Wii. Namco has one called We Cheer, also available at Amazon for $36.99. THQ also has a video game for Nintendo Wii named All Star Cheer Squad only for $29.99 at Amazon.

we cheer video game All Star Cheer Squad

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P.S. This would probably give Fashion Juice another reason to buy Wii! Sorry for being a B.I. but it’s really, really fun! These Wii Cheerleading video games and the Wii Hip Street Cheer Pom Poms will definitely make you feel you’re part of the pep squad again. LOL! 🙂