Because of my awful experience with my Samsung U700, as I have shared in my previous post, I had to buy a new phone right away. I used to hate Nokia because of its aggressiveness in releasing new models of mobile phones. Whenever I buy their latest model, its value drops in just a matter of months. After owning several Nokia phones, I finally got rid of Nokia in my list of choices of mobile phones whenever I buy. Well, this was not seemed to be the case two weeks ago…

The morning I first saw the weird LCD of my Samsung U700, as I posted here, I immediately surfed the internet as to what mobile phone I could possibly buy. Of course, my first choice was Sony Ericsson, but I don’t seem to like any of their phones these days. Well, there are a number of gorgeous phones, not to mention the Experia. I just don’t feel like spending so much since it’s my extra phone anyway. Also, as I said before, I suddenly lost interest in buying the new models. Fashion Juice is right. Probably it’s also because I changed my priorities… I switched my priorities to designer bags! LOL! This led me to decide to spend only Php 5,000 at the most for a cellphone. Well, to cut the story short, it didn’t happen. LOL! An hour before I left the office to go to the mall to buy a phone, Flair Candy showed me in the internet this new phone of Nokia, E63. I wasn’t interested at first because of the following reasons: it’s Nokia, it has qwerty keyboard, and it retails around Php 12,000 to Php 14,000. When I got to the mall and went around to look for possible choices, I found it so difficult to makeup my mind. I can’t seem to find anything I really like! I can still remember what I was feeling then- annoyed and tired! Annoyed because I wanted to replace my phone already but still couldn’t find one. Tired because of too much walking just to look for a mobile phone that I would love. Right before giving up, I thought of checking out what Flair Candy showed me, the Nokia E63.

red nokai e63When the sales lady handed it over to me, oh my goodness, I knew I wanted to bring it home already! The qwerty keyboard is very easy to use, which I did not expect at all. But the real selling factor- if you are familiar with Nokia’s E71, Nokia E63 is very similar to it. The differences: HSDPA, GPS, the camera’s megapixel, and the price. Even without the HSDPA, I can still make use of its 3G. As for the GPS, it is not something I really use here in the Philippines. And I don’t use the phone’s camera since I always bring a digital camera wherever I go. I don’t mind the reduction of the megapixel from 3.2 to 2. Lastly, but most importantly, the price. E71 retails for about Php 20,000 to Php 22,000 and as I said earlier, E63 sells for around Php 12,000 to Php 14,000! Really huge savings! Come to think of it, taking away the HSDPA, GPS, and having a lower megapixel camera is actually worth it. 🙂

As expected, latest models usually have improvements from their predecessors. Even if E63 is supposedly a lower model compared to E71, there were a number of improvements made to Nokia’s E63. A noticeable change is what these phones are made of. E71 has metal casing as opposed to E63’s plastic covering, which is the reason why it feels lighter. There is also no need to worry about those nasty fingerprints! Another enhancement made to Nokia E63 is its qwerty keyboard, which protrudes making it easier to press. Each letter key is also a bit bigger compared to E71. Also, I like the sound it makes when I use the qwerty keyboard. There’s like the “tac-tac-tac” sound that the usual keyboard has. Hehehe! What an O.C.! Wait, of course, the sound isn’t that loud to be heard by anyone. It’s more of the feeling. 🙂 Lastly, I consider E63’s price an improvement. It is way cheaper compared to other smartphones, like E71 and of course Blackberry. It should definitely be considered a budget smartphone! I have never been this satisfied with any phone. Whenever I decide to get a fully featured mobile phone, such as my XDA’s, there is always a price to pay. Nokia E63 is what you call value for money! As a result, Php 12,100 cold cash damage! Waaah! I didn’t have plans of shelling out that much, but this one is just irresistible! 🙂

nokia e63

P.S. Thanks to my dear friend, Flair Candy, for introducting Nokia E63 to me! Actually, Nokia must give her commission already  for giving me and our other officemates great sales talk. LOL! Take a look at what Flair Candy bought the day after I got my new phone. It’s the gorgeous blue E63! By the way, as of now, three of us in our team have this phone already. After weeks of pushing our boss to buy, he lost control and bought last Tuesday! LOL! Congrats to us! I honestly think that this year would be a gadget shopping year for us. 🙂

P.P.S. Oh, can I just add one more thing??? Another reason why I fell in love with this phone is its color! I’m already tired of having silver or black mobile phones. I like the blue one, but why did I end up buying red?! Since it’s a lucky color in Chinese, I might get more luck this year because of my new red E63! LOL! 🙂 What a reason! 🙂 Actually, the sales lady said that the casings for E63 will be out soon. I’m looking forward to that… I just love to play around with colors! 🙂 Can any other smartphones beat that? *wink*