Rock Band can be ultra fun, especially if you have friends around that you could play it with. Rest assured, house parties or chill out sessions with your friends will never be boring if you have a Rock Band set. The first time I tried playing, I literally had teary eyes after since I couldn’t remove my sight from the television. Yah, too much concentration! Hahaha! 🙂

rock band drum skinsAnyways, if you have a Rock Band set, you can now give more life to it with the Rock Band Drum Skins and with the colorful Rock Band Drum Sticks. Both are priced at $14.95 at the Rock Band Store. Well, I know that having the set is already fun and exciting, but if you are like me who gets easily bored whenever I see the same things, these skins and colorful prints will definitely jazz up your Rock Band instruments in an instant! They also have a Rock Band Kit that includes guitar skin, guitar strap and the rubber tipped drum sticks for only $24.95. Check out more accessories at the Rock Band Store.


rock band drum sticks rock band jam kit