Yup, I’m back from my looong vacation! Waaaah! My hatest part… Argh! I can’t seem to accept that I need to face reality again. Hehehe! This has always been my problem. It’s like I need to adjust for a week or two before I get the hang of working again. For about a week, I’m in my lazy self. Yah, quite a long adjustment, huh? Hehehe! Well, it’s not because of the need to wake up early in the morning to get ready for work. In fact, wake up calls in group tours are even earlier. It’s the adjustment from waking up early everyday to tour, and take pictures and go shopping, to waking up early to sit and stare in front of my computer and work. Geesh! I hate that!

Anyways, the 2nd quarter of the year has just started and I can say I already had an ultimate vacation for the year 2009- from Boracay, to Europe, then to Taiwan! BUT it’s not over yet! Hehehe! I love THE LIFE and I love celebrating and enjoying it! ‘Til my next one in June! 🙂

P.S. Sorry for another short post today as I need to adjust and get a lot of rest to bring back my energy. Hehehe! Plus, I need to unload our new goodies from our luggage (another hard thing to do whenever we get back from vacation…) so expect my stories to come really soon. *wink*