I’m not feeling well. Obviously.

First, I have a terrible hangover right now. I had a blast last night. It was my super post birthday party and Arthur’s despedida at Distillery, Fort. Now, I’m dead. My head hurts. I wish the pain will be gone tomorrow. Also, how I wish my happiness last night did not end just yet.

Well, it’s just a wish… a wish that I know won’t come true. My headache and bodyaches may be gone tomorrow, but my heartache won’t. I hate goodbyes. I hate seeing someone leave. When my brother used to live in the States, I hate it when he goes back to Manila or when we visit him there because I know in just a few weeks, we’ll be apart again. Now that my brother is back for good, I thought I wouldn’t have to go through that feeling again. That’s what I thought.

Sunday is near. In two days, I’ll be seeing someone leaving again. What hurts is it’s Arthur who has to leave. I honestly don’t know what to feel. One thing’s for sure, I’ll miss him badly. I’m hurt that I have to say goodbye. I know it’s not for good, but the fact that I won’t be seeing him for such a long time is just enough to make me feel depress. I hate this feeling. I really hate goodbyes. šŸ™