Oh my gawd!!! Twilight fans (or should I say, Edward fans… Hehehe!) New Moon’s official trailer is out! 🙂 I’m totally, totally excited about this Twilight sequel. I can’t wait for November 20, 2009. Watch New Moon’s official trailer that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards 2009.

P.S. How I wish Arthur would tell me this- “You’re my only reason to stay…” Waaaah!!! Hehehe! I’ve had sleepless nights already since he bought that stupid ticket. Keeping myself busy at the office doesn’t work since my tears just start to fall when I remember it. (In fact, I’m currently teary-eyed while I’m doing this!) Yah, I know it’s just June and there’s 3 months more before he leaves. I just can’t accept it’s for real already! Errr… I shouldn’t have told him about that stupid seat sale. Hahaha! 🙂 Sorry for the rant. I can’t help but be emotional. 🙁