helmet diving equipmentOne of the highlights of my Boracay vacation is the reef walking (or others also call it helmet diving). First of all, why is it called Reef Walking? Well, obviously, it is because you are walking on an area where there is reef. Ummm… though to be honest, it wasn’t so obvious to me. Hahaha! I just don’t wanna go into detail because my idea of reef walking is really embarrassing and funny! 🙂 Anyway, it is also called Helmet Diving since you use a helmet with a loooong hose attached to it. The hose is connected to the oxygen tank, which is placed inside the boat. In this way, you are able to breathe normally. It is not like scuba diving where you carry the tank behind your back and breathe through your mouth. Okay, if you have been following my blog, I know I said here I did not have any plans of joining my friends in this activity. Well, I have to take that back. At the very last minute, I was convinced to go with them and I’m so glad I did. 🙂 Why? Read below.

oxygen for reef walkingLet me start of by saying, I’m not fond of fishes. I hate that slimy feel which is why I don’t like them getting near me. Actually, when I see a school of fish, I get scared. For some reason, I always think they are going to attack me no matter how small they are! I don’t have any phobia, but that’s just the way I think ever since. In fact, we used to have a fish pond outside our house but I never went near it. Oh geesh! Yes, I’m really odd! Hehehe! Anyway, this is why I don’t like snorkeling and obviously, reef walking. I was really hesitant at first, but due to peer pressure, I gave in. Hehehe! Many thanks to my lovely friends because I found reef walking an ultimately unique experience! I feel that my Boracay vacation would not be this memorable without helmet diving. 🙂

helmet diving boracayThe moment I climbed down the ladder, I thought I would give up already. The pressure in my ears was just too much that I was so distracted. It took awhile before I was able to completely get down the stairs. Thanks to the diver who coached me all the way down. Okay, I’ll be honest. When we were still inside the boat and the diver was explaining to us what to do down there, I wasn’t listening at all!!!!! Eeeek! Well, I can justify that! Hehehe! That’s because during that time, I was thinking of backing out! Argh! Lesson learned, especially to those who will go on reef walking or any water activity for that matter, LISTEN to the instructions or briefing given!

reef walking boracayThe moment I touched the ground, oh dear, it was like a different world down there. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Each step seemed to take about 10 seconds. Whenever the licensed diver reached for my camera, it took awhile before I get hold of it no matter how near he was from me. It was amazing! 🙂 When the diver gave us food reefwalking boracayto feed the fishes, in just a matter of seconds, fishes were circled around us to grab a bite of bread that we were holding. There were various kinds of fishes in different colors and sizes. Of course, the scaredy cat me just threw away the bread whenever there were more and more fishes swimming towards me. LOL! After 15 minutes of staying down there, it felt like I was feeding the fishes for an hour already because like what I said, everything seemed to be sooo slow. The moment I got up the boat, I had to adjust for awhile since I somehow felt weird that I was able to do things faster. Hehehe!

helmet diving boracayReef walking is definitely an unforgettable experience for me! 🙂 Well, for one thing, it is my first time to be that near with the fishes. And of course, walking around the reefs like an astronaut with various fishes in the surrounding is not something I can experience everyday. Simply, simply amazing! But of course, if you have experienced scuba diving already, reef walking may not be as exciting as how first timers would feel. Oh, did I say we only got it for Php 500/pax?! The experience was really worth the money! 🙂  

P.S.  Price may differ depending on the number of pax in a group and of course, your bargaining power. *wink*