Of course, my Hong Kong vacation would never be complete without a visit to a Chanel boutique. Hehehe! I super, super love the Chanel boutique in Harbor City! Or let me just say, I love Harbor City! 🙂 I thought I would need a stretcher while walking down that street. I wanna faint! LOL! Check out the pictures below. 🙂

chanel at hong kong Louis Vuitton at Harbor City, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Gucci at Harbor City, Kowloon, Hong Kong Harbor City shops

Now, can you just imagine what I was feeling while I walked down that street?! My heart was beating fast! I thought I was in heaven! LOL!

Anyway, below are the prices of some of the classic Chanel bags that I was able to check at the Chanel boutique in Peninsula (Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon) and at the Hong Kong airport. Ummm… Isn’t it obvious that I kept on going inside Chanel boutiques? Hehehe! Just the sight of these bags make my heart melt. 🙂

Grand Shopping Tote (caviar): HKD 19,100
Petite Shopping Tote (caviar): HKD 12,400
Large Camera Bag: HKD 23,700
Medium Classic Flap Bag (caviar): HKD 19,900
Medium Classic Flap Bag (lambskin): HKD 23,300
Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (caviar): HKD 23,500
Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (lambskin): HKD 26,300

Prices above are as of June 15, 2009. These may or may not change without prior notice.

Prices are still cheaper in Europe. Now, I’m hoping for my next Euro trip to come really soon. Hehehe! Seriously, I really need to go back to Paris (or anywhere in Europe)!!! I’m getting restless. I need to get a GST soon before price increases again. Plus, a Large Camera Bag… and a Balenciaga… and Goyard St. Louis… See, I’m going to make my airfare ticket worth it with the big “savings” I would get when I buy these bags in Europe as compared to buying them in Hong Kong or in the U.S. LOL! 🙂 Here I go again with the “savings”! I feel I’m fooling myself… a little savings equates to huge cash out for me! LOL! 🙂