Since I’m so madly deeply in-love with my new MacBook Pro, I’ve been hunting for a laptop case ever since I bought it. And since like what I said here, the aluminum MacBook Pro is kinda scratch magnet, I need a case ASAP! Currently, I’m using the laptop bag given to me by the store for free, but since I’m chic at heart, I like all my stuff to be chic too. 🙂 I’m actually eyeing for the hard cases especially designed for MacBooks. I just love the colors, specifically the pink and the purple! 🙂 The moment I got back here in Manila from Hong Kong, I went to a Mac store the very next day to purchase that hard case. Unfortunately, the hard case for the 13-inch MacBook Pro is not available yet. They have it in 13-inch, but only for the regular MacBook, which doesn’t fit well with my Pro because of the openings for the different slots on the sides. Argh! Anyways, since the hard case isn’t available yet, I tried to search over the internet for some fashionable laptop sleeves which I can use for the meantime. And while searching, this is what I saw… 🙂

goyard laptop bag

Errr… Imagine, a Goyard laptop sleeve! 🙂 This was featured last December 2008 in Vogue and boy, it is definitely lush-cious! But would you still wanna dig in to this Goyard laptop bag if I say that this costs $830 each?! Oh my, this would definitely just live and die in my dreams! As much as I love it, I’d rather buy a Goyard Saint Louis. Well, of course if I sleep in a bed of moolah, then that would be a different story. I could probably afford to get a premier designer laptop case then. But for now, I will certainly wait for the 13-inch MacBook Pro hard case to be available instead. LOL! 🙂