OMG! After more than a week of being silent, here I am having my come back. Hahaha! Geeesh!!! I soooo wanna post a lot of things but I just couldn’t find time last week. It was HELL for me!!! I didn’t expect that “back to reality” means HELL! Oh well, enough of the rant. I don’t wanna ruin my mood.

Anyway, it is my first weekend here in Manila and Eastwood has this citywide pre-holiday sale!!! Geeesh! Well, I didn’t bother to look inside the stores last night. Hehehe! I banned myself from shopping already for one quarter (of course, this excludes my Christmas shopping) and I’m serious with this. I really think I have become like a real shopaholic this year! Now, I’m on travel ban and shopping ban! I just realized that all the stuffs I bought from my travels this year is like two or three quarters worth of shopping. Now, see how bad I have become this 2009! Eeeeek!

Anyway, for those who are not on shopping ban, here’s something to celebrate…  Eastwood Citywide Pre-Holiday Sale up to 85%  off!!!! This post may be a bit late but you still have until midnight to shop today!!! 🙂

eastwood sale november