And so Lush Angel can’t be a psychic like Paul, the octopus… LOL! Well, Germany won over Uruguay so I’m still right for the third placer, as I mentioned in my previous post. 😉 Haha! I should have whole-heartedly believed in my Spain… ummm… and in Paul, when he predicted that it’s gonna be my team, Spain. LOL! Watch the video below. Geeesh, he is 100% accurate this season!

To the FIFA World Cup 2010 champion, Spain, a big big congratulations!!! VIVA ESPANA! Ole-ole-ole-ole….! 🙂

Now that the World Cup has ended, what should I do next? I need to divert my attention to something else so I can avoid going to the mall and shop. Hehe! Oh well, at least now I can sleep earlier. I’ve been sleeping around 6:00am because of FIFA! In fact, last Saturday and Sunday, I slept around 8:00am already! Waaaah! Hello eyebags!