Yup, you read that right. I want a corset by Mich Dulce!!! 🙂

Why? First of all, it is a versatile piece of clothing. It is not just used as an innerwear. You can wear it as is. You can layer it over a blouse. You can wear it on formal occasions or just your usual night out. A corset may be something vintage-y, but hey, don’t you just love vintage fashion? I am such a fan of vintage fashion. I find it so elegant. This is why corsets are still around up to this day. They can have the power to make you look fab! 🙂

Another reason why I want to have a corset- I want to lose some inches. Hehehe! Believe it or not, at this modern day, it is still used to reshape the body. Take for example Ciara Sotto, a local celebrity here in the Philippines. She is Mich’s first corseted bride. Ciara wore the corset a month before her wedding to serve as a training on her big day. Have you seen in movies how some girls just faint out of discomfort in breathing while wearing a corset? Hehehe! So there, she had to get used to wearing one to avoid such scenes on her wedding day. Hehehe! But guess what this training did to her? Ciara used to have a 25-inch waistline. After wearing the corset everyday for a month, her waistline became 20.5-inches! Whoa! Impressive! 🙂 Oh, and one more thing, corsets can also push up flat chests or tame those gifted ones. Hehehe!

Lastly, because a corset is made of steel boning, it forces one to have a good posture all the time. It helps in conditions like scoliosis. When I read about this, I knew that I definitely need to have one. Hehehe! My mom can’t push me to have an operation for my scoliosis so maybe the corset is the answer! 🙂 LOL!

Okay, so why do I want a corset particularly made by Mich Dulce? Well, Mich studied in London College of Fashion to take a course on corsetry. She personally makes the corset as it involves some technicality. The hourglass figure can only be achieved with the right proportions of the corset. It is very tedious to make a corset that’s why it takes her about a month just to finish one. This is why right now, there is a loooong waiting list for Mich’s corset! Well, as much as I want one, I can’t unless someone sponsors me. Hahaha! Aside from the long waiting list, it is said to cost as much as a Blackberry. Waaaah! Well, thinking about it, I guess it is fair enough since Mich personally makes the corset for almost a month! 🙂