My fourth day in Shanghai was not that cold. And since I know I would be staying indoors the whole day, I just decided to wear my fave denim long sleeves from K.A.T. Collection. 😀


It’s another denim on denim outfit, similar to my post here. This time though, I used my denim long sleeves to layer it over a gray ribbed tank top. I left the buttons open and loosely fastened a thin braided belt around my waist.


As for the jeans, I have always loved folding it to give my jeans a new look. 😀





On Lush Angel: H&M gray ribbed tank top; K.A.T. Collection denim long sleeves; Bench jeans; quilted black flats from London; Forever 21 braided belt

Oh, and yes, my hair is this short now. 🙁 My Japanese hairstylist had to cut it short, curl the ends and give it some volume. They had to chop about 5 to 6 inches of my hair. 🙁 Haaay, I miss my long hair! 🙁 Well, all is good! It can always grow back. I just thank the Lord for giving me projects and for showering me so much blessings! 😀 Anyway, I have always dreamed of getting a haircut in Japan and in London, where all the great hair stylists are! LOL! That’s why when I went to London last year, I really planned to have my hair styled there. Unfortunately, I ran out of time because of too much shopping. 🙁 Well, who would have thought that a known hairstylist in the industry would fly all the way from London to cut and style my hair last September?! It was really a dream come true for me!!! 😀 Then now, another known hairstylist, Yuki Tanaka, flew all the way from Japan and did wonders to my hair! 😀 He has styled a lot of Hollywood celebrities, like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Penelope Cruz. He must be very good indeed! 😀 Yuki cut my hair for almost 2 hours- my longest ever! Because of my incredibly thick hair, he had to cut it step by step. My hair look simple, but when stylists touch and brush their fingers through my hair, they know in an instant that some expert has styled it. In fact, when I got back here in Manila, I went to a salon the very next day to have my regular hair treatment. They can’t help but ask where I had my haircut! I asked why and they said, the cut inside is very different and that the one who styled it should be very good. Thanks Yuki! 😀