As much as I need to ban myself from shoe shopping, being in front of my laptop ain’t helping at all! I saw this online and fell in love with it right away! 😀


The bandages are made of chiffon, while the wedges are suede. Besides its style, I fell in love with the color. Eeeek, I know… My BLUSH madness isn’t over yet! My goodness! But isn’t it sooo cute? 😀 😀 😀


The wedge looks pretty high. Well, it is! It’s 13.5 cm high! But surprisingly, it’s very comfortable since it has a 5 cm platform in front and suede is a pretty soft material. 🙂 The only thing I hate about in this shoes is the ankle straps. I don’t like the white velcro! I might just replace those with some other material.


Oh, and don’t you find this bandage wedge familiar??? When I received it, I just realized it’s Givenchy-inspired. 😀 Now, I love it even more! Haha! Check out my next post as I break-in this bandage wedges. 😀