Well, not really the real scary kind of cracked nails. I’m talking about the newest cracked nail polish craze! I’ve actually posted about it, as seen in this link. Now, I’ve joined the bandwagon…



I used OPI’s Shatter to achieve my cracked nails. It’s as easy as doing a normal nail polish.


First, put on a normal solid-colored lacquer, preferably a bright contrasty color from the shatter nail polish to be used. Well, using other dark polishes, like deep red, dark blue and purple, is also possible. It’s just that, the cracked effect isn’t too obvious from a far. Well, it’s just my preference. 🙂 For this instance, I opted for a white polish. I made it two coats for a real solid color.


Next, apply one coat of Shatter over the completely dry lacquer. I tried putting on more than one coat, but the polish didn’t cracked. So remember, just one swipe is enough. You don’t need to make the color even. Uneven swipes and color is totally fine since we’re aming for a shattered look, anyway.


Lastly, apply on a top coat for a high-gloss finish.



More than the unique “shattered” design, I love it because I don’t really have to be O.C. (Obsessive Compulsive) about my nails. I am very meticulous when it comes to my nail polish. I don’t want to see even the slightest imperfection. It should always be perfect- reason why it takes me hours to finish my nails! Haha! Thankfully, this shattered polish was invented! Now, I don’t stare at my nails every now and then. I’m not bothered with bubbles, uneven color, or even minor chips anymore since they aren’t obvious at all! It’s definitely a polish perfect for O.C.’s, like me. Haha! 😀