I love to experiment when it comes to my own make-up. It’s also my way of developing my skill as a make-up artist. But of course, more than the experimentation, I need to test drive all the products that I would possibly be using to my clients. I don’t want to use something to a client that I’m not even sure of (no matter how well-known the brand is). Of course, I definitely want to deliver the best to my clients. So, you can just imagine what I do everyday as I try out every single makeup product I’ve been buying, before permanently placing it inside my train case. Anyway, I just thought of sharing here a few photos as I try out some of my eye shadows. I have actually posted these in my Facebook account, so simply “LIKE” to get updates. 🙂

By the way, sorry these were just taken using a camera phone. And yes, I should probably be taking more photos of my looks. I will do that next. 😀 Anyway, here are some eye makeup ideas… 😀

natural colors


glam up for an evening event- glittery gold, light and dark blue and black


color play- apple green, blue and rust

colorful-eye-makeup peacock-make-up