I just need to share this! Thanks to my friend, Tel, for letting me know about this great deal. 🙂

Summer finally started in Manila just today! Yup, just today- that’s what I got from the news! This means it’s really time to hit the beach soon! Wohoo! 😀 This deal of Lay Bare came right on time. Get Lay Bare’s famous brazilian wax at 50% off! Yes, you’ll only have to pay PHP 225 for a brazilian wax! Original price is at PHP 450.

For those who aren’t aware, Lay Bare uses cold wax to remove unwanted hair. And what does that mean? Cold-waxing makes use of natural ingredients with whitening, exfoliating, and moisturizing properties. Obviously, you won’t get irritated from burns since it doesn’t make use of the usual hot-wax. Regular cold-waxing results to lighter and smoother hair re-growth. And the best part- less pain and I can attest to that! 😀 Waxing minus the pain? It may seem impossible. I won’t say there’s none at all, but seriously, there’s such a big difference. I don’t get teary-eyed during the procedure. I don’t have to take deep breaths. Thanks to cold wax! 😀

If you’re interested, purchase this deal now at Buyanihan before time expires!!! Oh, and Buyanihan also gives referral points, which you can earn every first purchase of your referred friend. So, let’s help each other, eh? 😀 You can click on the photo below or Buyanihan‘s logo on my side bar under “Catch a Sale!” to get directed to the site and be referred by yours truly. 😀 Hehe! Thanks in advance! 😀