You may have the best makeup and skincare, but is your skin still breaking out? You might be forgetting something- cleaning and sanitizing your makeup tools! It’s extremely important to keep your makeup brushes clean to avoid bacteria build up. Today, I’m reviewing a new cleaning solution that I’m sure makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists would be very interested in- J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes.

jc-brush-cleanerProduct Information

Made especially for extremely busy individuals, Super Clean features a quick-drying solution that is perfect for people who need clean brushes right away. This special feature allows professional make-up artists to do several make-up jobs in succession, as well as enthusiasts to experiment and try several make-up swatches in a row. The solution is also fortified with spearmint oil to keep brushes fresh and in prime condition.


I love it because…

  • there’s less product wastage with its spritz bottle. It’s also very easy to use.


  • makeup brushes dry quickly. For thick face brushes, drying time is only about 5 minutes.
  • it’s inexpensive for a make-up brush cleaner- PHP 400.
  • scent isn’t too strong compared to other make-up brush cleaners.
  • the brushes cleaned with this solution didn’t give me any skin irritations.
  • I only need about 3 spritz for small brushes and about 6 sprits for bigger brushes.
  • it’s perfect for new makeup artists. No need to buy extra makeup brushes since you can clean your existing brushes on the spot.

I wish…

  • scent is even milder. As with most make-up brush cleaners, scent can be really strong. Although as mentioned earlier, the scent of J&C Super Clean Solutions is not as strong compared to others.
  • it’s easy to remove foundation/concealer from the brush. As always, brushes used for liquid or cream products take a bit more time to clean.


  • Directly spray J&C Super Clean Solutions to the used brush.


  • For thorough cleaning, pour some solution in a container and dip the brushes used for foundation/concealer products. Make sure  the solution doesn’t touch the ferule.


  • Gently wipe brush with cloth, then air dry.



J&C Super Clean Solutions for Make-Up Brushes is super worth its price. It’s perfect for makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists since makeup brushes are cleaned in an instant. It takes only a few minutes for the bristles to dry and you’re ready for your next makeup client! It keeps the hair soft too. Those sensitive to scent may find this harsh. But comparing it with other makeup brush cleaners that I’ve tried, J&C has milder scent.

Jenny Yrasuegui and Celine Gabriel-Lim


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