Michelle (Mrs. Martinez Raves and Rants) and I had this impromptu photo op one afternoon. I wasn’t really ready that day and I had no idea that she’d feature me for real! Now, I’m shy. Haha! 😀


See my photo above laughing??? There’s never a dull moment with this girl! Haha! 😀 I met Michelle, together with the rest of the beauty bloggers, just a few months ago. It’s amazing how I got along with them in an instant. Well, obviously we all love beautiful things that’s why time really flies chit-chatting with these girls. We just can’t stop talking about beauty stuff. 😀 It feels good when you’re surrounded with people who have the same passion as you are. You can see some of them in my Obagi dinner post. 😀

Anyway, thank you again Michelle for the feature! We have to do this again! It was fun, fun, fun! 😀 Read the rest of her entry HERE. 😀