Who doesn’t love Oxygen’s minimalist collection? It’s hip. It’s clean. It’s classy. But how about mixing minimalist and artsy? For Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012, Oxygen presented the season’s trend: Androgyny + Color. They also unveiled their new collaboration with Marcela Gutierrez, a Barcelona-based artist and Fashion Designer.

Marcela is known for her pop art illustrations, colors and splattered dabs of paint – that unique technique of hers that has intrigued many fashion bigwigs. She found herself working with other noted designers around the world – the biggest ones are John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen. Her clientele is a long list of key fashion players like Beyoncé, Prada, Swarovski and CarolinaHerrera New York to name a few.

– http://philippinefashionweeklive.com

With that being said, who wouldn’t get excited?!


In the first part of the show, they emphasized blue as the color of the season. From denims, to tops, to dresses, and even the runway was blue!

oxygen-fashion-show oxygen-philippine-fashion-week oxygen-philippine-fashion-week-2012

oxygen-philippine-fashion-week-2011 oxygen-spring-summer-2012 oxygen-philippine-fashion-week-spring-summer-2012

oxygen-spring-summer-2012-collection oxygen-spring-2012-collection oxygen-summer-2012-collection

oxygen-marcela-gutierrez oxygen-fashion-week oxygen-printed-tee

oxygen-manila oxygen-artist-collaboration

Summer is all about color, and so is the second part of the show. They presented a bit of colors, like yellow, pink and green. But all these still scream “Oxygen”- simple, yet stylish.

oxygen-collaboration oxygen-2012-collection oxygen-fashion-show-october-2011

phillipine-fashion-week-october-2011 philippine-fashion-week-oxygen oxygen-smx

Of course, the show wouldn’t end without their staples. A classic will always be a classic. The catwalk was filled with blacks, whites, and grays, together with their much-awaited print-on shirts.

marcela-gutierrez oxygen-clothing oxygen-fashion

oxygen-apparel oxygen-clothes oxygen-jeans

All these photos prove:

1. Relaxed apparel can be sexy.

2. Clean and simple don’t equate to boring.

3. To look classy shouldn’t cost a fortune.


Oxygen Spring Summer 2012 collection definitely gives us a reason to drop by their stores really soon!

Special thanks to Ed for the invite! 😀