Another New Year post here! It’s a brand new year. It’s a year of new beginnings and it’s about time I try something new. 😀 So, for my nails, I thought of going two-toned…


Not two tone in one nail, more of like multi-colored nails! I wanted something bright so I picked these 2 shades. I couldn’t decide between the two though, so I thought of using one for my hands and the other for my feet. But then, I changed my mind and used the two alternately on my fingers. It’s something new to me, making it my symbol of a perfect start of 2-0-1-2! Happy and bright to project good vibes for the entire year. 😀


There’s nothing really special with my polish. I just find the colors too cute- so much like candies, eh?! 😀 I’m sorry, it’s the kid in me. I’m not hard to please, you know. Even the simplest things make me smile. 😀