Who doesn’t know Block & White?! C’mon, I think Block and White can be considered as one of the pioneers in skin whitening. I grew up seeing Block & White lotion on my vanity table. I came from a family with really fair skin. If you’ve heard the line “takot sa araw”, that’s how I would describe my sister and my mom. They are one of those who walk along the beach with umbrellas. My excessive love for the beach caused me to be the darkest in my family, so you can’t blame me to love whitening products even more despite being naturally fair already. LOL! My usual problem with whitening lotions though is its thickness and stickiness due to too much SPF in it. Last week, I was introduced to something new from Block & White.


They launched the new Natural whitening range- B&W Pearly White UV (Natural White), B&W Lasting White UV (Papaya & Virgin Coconut Oil) and B&W Spotless White UV (Japanese Rice & Camellia Oil). They now have three times more whitening actives than previous formulations of Block & White intensive whitening lotions.

The first thing I noticed was its new sleek packaging.


When I squeezed a small amount of lotion on my hand, I already smelled their lovely fragrance. Each variant has its own particular scent. My personal favorite would be the Block &White Lasting White UV (Papaya & Virgin Coconut Oil). It has that sweet fruity scent, just the way I like it. 😀


I loved it even more when I tried using it all over my body. I was hesitant at first since putting on lotion in our terrible hot and humid weather is least of my priorities. I know it’s not good, but I can’t take being uncomfortable the whole day. Lotion + Sun / Heat = STICKINESS! I’m not alone with this for sure. But just for the sake of testing the new Block & White, I tried applying generously all over my body. I was surprised how the lotion was quickly absorbed by my skin. It wasn’t sticky at all! It’s definitely one lotion that’s perfect for our hot climate! 😀


If you’re looking for a light lotion that has whitening properties and sun protection, try out the newest Block and White Natural Whitening range. It would probably be the kind of lotion you’ve been searching for!

Block & White is available in leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

25ml: PHP 15.00; 100ml: PHP 64.00; 200ml: PHP 112.00; 350ml: PHP 180.00