At this day and age, it’s undeniable that technology plays a great part of our life. Almost everything has been made easy for us. For my urgent fashion and beauty fix, I shop online. To satisfy the travel junkee in me, I book my tickets online (most of the time). And who’s my bestfriend when I do such online purchases? My credit card, of course. LOL! I’m also one of those who carry less cash inside the wallet and rather use those plastics whenever possible. And because I love anything fashionable and credit card is one thing I bring out of my bag all the time, how about getting a fashionable credit card? No such thing? Well, good news is here. Now, there is and it’s the first in the Philippines!

It’s Blue from American Express. It’s a transparent credit card that’s clear as a glass window. Now that’s hip and modern, huh?! Of course, more than its design, I’m also particular with the benefits I could get. Okay fine, the clear plastic design alone makes me drool, but it has more to offer.

For night owls, like me, get express access to Republiq Club and Prive. The Blue also sponsors several lifestyle events, such as concerts of international/ foreign DJs at Republiq, and some interesting sports events.

Get rewards, offers, and savings at restaurants and retail outlets from their partner establishments.

Enjoy BDO treats by spending a minimum amount using The Blue.

Online advantage with its safe, convenient and online deals at any of The Blue’s online shopping partners.

Oh, and do you know that there’s such thing as Purchase Protection?! The Blue has it! Retail purchases are insured from theft, loss or damage within 30 days from purchase for up to PHP 50,000 per occurrence or PHP 250,000 per year!

The Blue has instant access to cash through BDO ATMs nationwide and through ATMs worldwide with the American Express logo.

For the travel junkees, The Blue is accepted worldwide, and you will frequently see the welcome sign, “American Express Cards Welcome”.

Now you know why The Blue won’t make you feel blue! 🙂 In fact, online deals and exclusive treats await The Blue Cardmembers soon. 😉


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American Express is a trademark of American Express. This is issued by BDO pursuant to a license from American Express.