Gone are the days when we have to rush to a boutique just to swatch foundation and find our perfect match. Makeup keeps up with technology as well. Here’s something cool from Lancome’s website: Complexion Finder!

I’ve always been a fan of Lancome’s liquid and powder foundations. I’ve actually used them in some of my makeup posts like Grey Smokey Eyes, In Love With Turquoise, and Leaving My Skirt Behind. This is why, Lancome launching a new range of makeup foundation really excites me. Together with this launch, Lancome reveals this new and techy way to find the perfect foundation shade, their Complexion Finder


The Complexion Finder application allows users to visualize their perfect makeup look among 9 skin tones, according to the application method they prefer.

All you have to do is determine your skin tone among 9 models. If your Asian, go for the Asian models. Then, choose your desired result (radiant or matt) and your favorite texture (fluid or compact). It’s pretty straight forward. Oh, and I love the tips and videos even more! 😀 It’s worth checking it out. 😀

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