My favorite part in my room is my bed. I’m sorry to say, it’s not my vanity table. Although I love all my beauty stuff on that table, I spend most of my time on my bed when I’m at home. And yes, getting a good sleep is really important to me. When I lack sleep, I can’t seem to get anything right with a terrible headache. Well, do you know that getting a good sleep also shows on your skin? It won’t be called “Beauty Sleep” for nothing. It’s during sleep when the body regenerates collagen and keratin, the skin’s top layer. Lack of sleep can make your complexion dull. But more than its effect on beauty, it is for health reasons. We just NEED to have a love for good sleep.


Having a love for good sleep, I really spend on quality pillows and mattress. It’s where I spend most of my time in my room, anyway. When Magniflex invited me for a Blogger Slumber Event, why not?! I also want to get updated with what’s new.

Marj sitting comfortably on one of the beds in the showroom, while Melai was our host for the night. 🙂


Magniflex is made in Italy. It has the Classic Line, which includes numerous and varied types of mattress, with prestigious materials for a soft or firm bed as required. This wide and diverse range offers multiple choices, designed to suit all requirements.


To see what mattress best suits me, they have this short test on a tablet to take into consideration my sleeping habits. I’m a side sleeper and I have lower back problem. They suggested that the Duoform XS is for me. It’s made from Memoform Magnifoam, which contours to the shape of the body. It also supports the body, differentiating comfort zones according to weight.



Magniflex is located in Home Studio, which also offers Italian bathroom tiles, fixtures, water closets and washbasins.




home-studioAfter our tour around Home Studio, we were served with delicious food from Torch Restaurant.





 Thanks to Marj and Home Studio Inc. for the invite! 😀

Home Studio is located at 63 Connecticut St. Greehills, San Juan Metro Manila. Contact number: (02) 726 9414