Yes, you read the title right- a dishwashing liquid that can answer some of your beauty needs. Why? How?

First of all, who is Droplets of Nature? It is a company that caters in providing eco-friendly and family friendly consumer products. They are targeting the growing number of families who are now switching to natural products but are looking for less-expensive alternatives.

I was introduced to Droplets of Nature Dishwashing Liquid recently. It is an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid made from potato/corn based surfactants and loaded with essential oils. Its surfactant is listed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drugs Administration (US FDA).


If you will notice, some kitchen tools that are declared stainless develop stains/rust over time. Harsh chemicals in ordinary dishwashing liquid contribute to this. Droplets of Nature Dishwashing Liquid is said to have this “kitchenware conditioner” that takes care of expensive plates and wares and tools to help them last longer.

I also noticed that this dishwashing liquid is heavily concentrated, which means it’s economical to use. Just one or two drops on a wet sponge and it gets very bubbly.


Now, what are the beauty benefits of this dishwashing liquid?

Well, it’s gentle enough for my skin since it’s made of natural ingredients. My hands don’t get irritated or itchy. I know it’s a concern of a lot of ladies out there. 😉

Best of all, I can also use it to clean my synthetic brushes! Foundation, concealer and liner can be very hard to remove when you only use ordinary brush cleaners. The trick is to wash off these hard to remove products with a dishwashing liquid first before cleaning the brushes with a brush cleaner. Not all dishwashing liquid soap can do the job though. I tried this Droplets of Nature Dishwashing Liquid to clean my synthetic brushes and good news- foundation, concealer and waterproof liner were instantly removed! And since it has eco-friendly ingredients too, I know my brushes are safe and well cared of. I just finished off my cleaning with my trusty brush cleaners. 😀

You can visit Droplets of Nature Facebook page for more information.